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Car Mods and Upgrades

Want to improve your cars performance? Want to maximise those power gains?

All engines are different and applying the right Car Mods and Upgrades in the right order can all have a significant impact on your car’s performance as well as also on your wallet. Consult with us today, tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll plan and deliver that journey with you.

Turbo Upgrades & conversions

There is a lot to talk about here from the housing unit, turbine, compressor, bearings and more. Put our expertise to the test and reap the gains. 

Handling Upgrades

Get a grip with us! From wheels, tyres, shocks, springs, poly bushes, sway bars, alignment setup, brakes and more. Consult with us today and let us handle your handling. 

Intake & Exhaust Upgrades

Let’s talk airflow! From Induction kits, air filters, performance exhausts and more. Dramatic power increases to be discovered with these mods. 

Transmission & Gear Box

Got all that power in the engine? Now let’s get it to your wheels! From low ratio gearboxes, quick shift kits, fly wheels, slip differentials and more consult with us today.

Fuel Upgrades

From larger injectors, performance pumps to pressure regulators. Fuel your performance today.  

Engine upgrades

Strengthening upgrades are essential when pushing power beyond your car’s standard limits. Your car’s health is important to us. So through all the mods and upgrades we will advice and recommend what you can do here. 

Body Work

From Grilles, trims, body kits, bumpers, spoilers, wind deflectors lighting and plenty more. Let’s make your ideas a reality. 

Car Media

Car stereos, multi-media, audio, DAB digital radio, dash cams, driver safety and security aids, handsfree and bluetooth kits and more. Discuss with us today and let us kit out your car with the latest tech. 

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