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Vehicle Support

At JD automotives, we want to be your vehicle’s health center, so we have created a place to support you diagnose common issues with your car.

Low Brake Fluid

If you have an issue with your brake fluid, you may notice your brakes becoming spongey to press, your brake pedal becoming stiffer or it goes straight to the floor, these may be joined with a clunky sound too. A solution is to check the level of your brake fluid and top this up but remember you may have a leak too.

Low Coolant

Your car may overheat as you’re driving, more common on a cold day. Your heating and aircon system play up, doesn’t change temperature or your car heats up as you drive, you may also notice the smell of antifreeze. These are all signs of low coolant levels, to avoid this check your coolant levels every couple of months and only do this when your vehicle is cold. The hoses, radiator and belts should also be checked for leaks or any other problems such as corrosion in the radiator.

Windscreen Washer not Working

If you find yourself going to clean your widows and no windscreen washer fluid sprays out which also maybe joined by a buzzing sound. You may of ran out of windscreen washer fluid, to avoid this check the levels every couple of weeks and make sure you are applying the correct ratio of washer fluid to water.

Worn Springs or Shocks

When you’re driving your car if you notice any creaking sound, feel the car leaning to one side or visually see any additional wear to the inner side of the car tyre you may have worn springs. If you feel this is the case bring your car straight to the garage.

Problems with your Clutch

If you notice when driving your vehicle that it starts to become more and more difficult to change gear, your car revving more than usual and accelerating more slowly, as well as your fuel consumption seems to increase, these may also be joined by a stiffer and more vibrating clutch, it may be time for some repairs or a new clutch. If so it’s time to visit you trusted local car garage.

Worn Wheel Bearing

If you find a rumbling noise coming from a wheel that seems to get louder the faster you drive, pull over check if you feel more heat coming from this wheel then the other wheels, if so, you may have a worn wheel bearing. Bring your car straight to us whilst maintaining a nice slow speed whilst you drive.

Problems with your Alternator

If you find your battery light randomly appearing on and off, your head lights less bright then usual or find yourself having to jump start your car. You may be having issues with your alternator. Bring the car here to your local team of mechanics.

Worn Brake Pads

Your brake pedal may become softer to press, you may notice a squeal coming from your wheels when you brake and eventually you may notice a grinding sound from the wheels when you brake. If any of these are the case we can complete a free check and if we find you brake pads need replacing we can complete this for you.

A Failing Starter Motor

If you turn your key to start your engine but nothing happens you starter motor or solenoid maybe damaged or burnt out, however your engine maybe failing to start due to other problems such as a flat battery or other electrical issues. The best thing to do is let us inspect your car and advice you what the issue is and the solution.

Gear Box and Transmission Problems

Over time your gears will wear down or you may have particles build up in the transmission filter, which becomes clogged. If you notice whilst driving that it’s becoming harder and harder to change gear, or the gear is slipping out and the car is revving more, this may be happening, to save a more costly bill when it completely fails bring your car to us, your local vehicle technicians, where we can complete some repairs earlier on.

Electrical Problems

As well as from your alternator or a flat battery electrical issue can be caused from corroded wires. If you notice any issues from lights not coming on, speakers not working or any other electrical functions of your car book it in for an appointment with us.

Your vehicle has a lot of components and many of these need checking and maintenance over the years, some of these components last longer than others and eventually need replacing or repairing. Wear and tear is completely normal and being able to identify and rectifying these worn parts early on can save you time and money as well as avoiding a dangerous situation and breakdown.

If you believe any component is starting to wear in your car, then get in touch with us, so we can support, inspect and rectify this for you.

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